Agence RAM à Freetown

Adresse: 19 charlotte Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Téléphone: +232 22 22 15 et +232 22 32 85

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  1. Shah nawaz

    Please send me air Morocco office address in Freetown Sierra Leone

  2. Kadie-Yatta Bob Swaray

    Hello there,
    Please send me a quote for flight ticket to London from Freetown:
    Departure date 27th November 2018 (to London)
    Return date: 20th December 2018 (back to Freetown)

    Economy Class, one adult and one child (3 years old)


  3. Seyle Thorlu-Bangura


    Could you please kindly send me a quote for airfreight of the prices to both London and Amsterdam from Freetown, Sierra Leone.

    Please also include the maximum permitted weight and the flight options?

    It is coltan we are shipping and currently we want to do 2000 kgs or more if at all possible per flight but you have to confirm to us the max weight.

    I have a company in Freetown and in Amsterdam so whatever is convenient for you then please let me know.


    Seyle Thorlu-Bangura
    +31 636 066540

    1. Cecil


      Can I have a quote from Freetown to London any departing date between the 5th – 10th January 2019 returning three months after or open return ticket.



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