Agence RAM à Monrovia

Adresse: Sinkor 3rd Tubman Boulevard Monrovia, Liberia

Téléphone: + 231 886 951 951 / + 231 5 951 951 /+ 231 777 956 956

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  1. Jamesetta P.Wahblo Seton

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    With esteem compliments, I write to seek information from your office about my flight ticket extendtio.
    I bought a two wany ticket to study in Vietnam and my ticket expires on the 29th of this month, could you please provide me with all the necessary information I need . Or could you please extend my ticket on line and let me know the price.
    The University asked me to extend my ticket inorder to asist me with visa extention if I over stay.

    Best regards

  2. Michael T Biddle

    Dear RAM,
    My wife Garmai A. Cyrus boarded your flight on early Saturday morning from RIA to Geneva but to transit in Casablanca to get a connecting flight. Upon her arrival in Casablanca. she called me at 8:35am via messenger while she was waiting for the flight to take off for Geneva. Since yesterday up to current, I haven’t heard from her which is causing me and my family uneasiness. Can you confirm if indeed she arrived yesterday in Geneva?

  3. Arthur Kakia

    Hi Sir/Madam
    I am writing in regards to my 23 kg suitcase that was reported missing since my arrival in liberia on the16 of December via Casablanca, Morocco to Liberia’s Roberts International airport(ROB) . My travel agency is requesting a written note from you that my suitcase was missing. I am expecting the reply from this medium.
    Thanks very much
    Arthur Kakia, Australia

  4. Guggenberger Horst Wolfgang Erwin Paul

    Good afternoon,

    As it is not possible to get in contact via mobile I trying by email now.

    I arrived this morning, 30 December, with AT567, (FRA-CMN AT811)and my suitcase with the Bag Tag Number 503976 did not arrive. The property irregularity Report was filled at ROB.
    Please let me know how to follow up.
    My mobile no: 0775067248
    Medical Teams International, 19 Str., Sinkor, Monrovia

    Thanks and regards

    Horst Wolfgang Erwin Paul Guggenberger

  5. Nyonnbay Gbodweh Zarzar

    I would like to know how much will it cost to extend ticket time by one month

  6. Masann Miapeh

    My daughter had a flight scheduled for July 11, 2019 but her mom is telling me that she got a flight delay. I have called all your local numbers but there is no answer. Please give me update.

  7. Lancine Camara

    Bjr je ss marie de aicha fofana nous sommes a la recherche d’une place monrovia Bruxelles le 19/91/18 merci

  8. Abel nagbe

    How much is the flight fair from Liberia to Botwanna?


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